Monday, March 23, 2009

My Aching Feet!!!

I wore heels today. Why is that noteworthy? I NEVER wear heels! The last time I wore heels was probably a wedding about ten years ago. I just threw those heels away last summer; they were crumbling inside; a little old I guess; Etienne Aigner though! Anyway, I digress. I wore heels today because I have two pairs of pants I don't wear often because I have to "tape" up the hems to wear them. Yes, tape up the hems; both masking tape and scotch tape work great; masking tape a little better on some materials. I tape the hems, so I can wear shoes with heels of different heights. Well, that is what I have been telling myself for a year, so I finally decided to do something about the "different heights". I was at Macy's recently and found a pair of heels I liked. As you can see, not too high (or so I thought until today!), not stiletto, no pointed toes, nothing to make a fashion statement, very tame; what I thought would be just right. NOT! The shoes are comfortable, just shouldn't be worn all day on feet that have worn flats for 30 years. I work in a building with two floors and of course today had to be the day I was running back and forth between floors. OUCH! Could not wait to get those babies off and run around barefoot! I stopped and bought some Dr. Scholl's gel inner soles on the way home; put them in right away. So the next time I lose my mind and decide to wear heels, I will be 'gellin'! However, it is almost sandal season, so these heels will have to wait for another season; boxed and pushed to the back of the closet!
Don't know how people do it. My feet are still feeling the pain!

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