Sunday, March 15, 2009


Facebook has a new look. I don't like it. It shows your posts for all to see and vice versa. "Make sure to stay updated on what the friends you care about are doing." "The stream shows you all the posts from your friends in real-time. This keeps you up to date on everything that's happening." I emailed them; told them I enjoyed my friends but didn't want to be in their space all the time, nor have them in mine all the time. This was their response:
Thanks for your feedback about the new Home page. We’re constantly trying to improve Facebook, so it's important that we hear from our users. Unfortunately, we can’t write individual responses to each of these emails, but we are reading them. We hope these changes make the site even more useful for you. If there are any specific changes you recommend, please let us know.
Thanks again for your feedback.
-The Facebook Team"
Pretty much a form letter; there was a little more with sites to contact them. NOT! Already did that!
I like Facebook. I like going on and getting posts from people I see on a regular basis, as well as from people I rarely, and people who live far away. I have been able to catch up with friends I grew up with. However, we don't need to be in real-time and know what everyone is up to all at the same time. One friend dropped out of Facebook because "they have invaded her personal space and invited everyone in she writes to!" Just because we are friends, we don't need to know 24/7 what we are all up to. TMI

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